Guwahati mob molesting girl shames police into action

Guwahati: Reaffirming that women’s safety is more a concept than reality in India, a shocking incident of a mob molesting a girl has emerged from Guwahati. Adding insult to injury, a video of the incident has gone viral on YouTube.

The victim, a student of Class XI, was molested when she was returning home after a party at a city bar on Monday. The amateur video shows the mob, consisting of around 20 men, beating the girl before stripping her.

The mob continued to molest the girl for around a half an hour before a police team rescued her and handed her over to her family.

But action was only taken by the police on Wednesday following much outrage after the video went viral on YouTube. The police has arrested three people in connection with the case and charged them with trying to outrage the modesty of a girl.

“Three people have been arrested and three others are evading arrest. They, however, have been identified,” Apurba Barua, Senior Superintendent of Police, Assam Police, told NDTV.

The rate of crime against women in Assam is 36.9 per lakh – almost double of the national average of 18.9.

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