Sushma Swaraj Takes A Dig At Media, Wins Internet With Her Hilarious Tweet


Prime Minister Narendra Modi expanded his Union Council of Ministers on Tuesday by inducting 19 new faces at a ceremony in the Darbar Hall of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. And while most ministers and politicians attended the ceremony, one prominent person was missing – External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

As soon as the media noticed she was absent, they took it as an opportunity to flash it as breaking news with the headline ‘Sushma skips Oath Ceremony’.

But Swaraj, who missed the event because of her meeting with the Foreign Minister of Hungary, was probably anticipating such a thing. She knew that her absence would be noticed and talked about. So, when her absence became a topic of debate in newsrooms, she took a dig at the media.

Her tweet, which was retweeted nearly 1500 times and liked by as many as 2000 of her fans and followers on Twitter, went viral within hours of posting.

Social media users commented, approving Swaraj’s tweet to the media and applauding the minister for her great sense of humour.

Some fans appreciated the subtle yet hard-hitting way in which the minister made her point.

And others thought even the AIB team needs a lesson or two on roasting from the minister…

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