Summary of All polls puts NDA to Majority : NDA-249 to 289, UPA: 97 to 148

ExitPolls_20140512The BJP-led NDA is projected to create the govt. at the Centre with exit polls giving between 249 and 289 seats to the Narendra Modi-led grouping, that is near the half-way mark within the 543-member Lok Sabha.

The ruling Congress-led UPA was tipped to urge between ninety seven and 148 seats whereas ‘others’, as well as regional parties and Left, were projected to urge between 146 and one hundred sixty five seats, per the polls shown on TV channels at the tip of the ninth and last part of Lok Sabha polls these days.

One of the polls, conducted by Today’s Chanakya for News24 channel, even projected 340 seats for NDA, seventy for UPA and 133 for others.

The poll on Times currently, conducted by ORG, foreseen that NDA would get 249 seats whereas UPA would bag 148 seats and ‘others’ 146 seats.

A poll conducted by CSDS for CNN-IBN gave NDA between 270 and 282 whereas UPA was projected to urge between ninety two and 102.

BJP alone was projected to urge between 230 and 242 whereas Congress was projected to urge between seventy two and eighty two by a similar poll.

A poll conducted by ITG-Cicero for Headlines these days projected that NDA would get 272 (plus-minus 11), UPA would get a hundred and fifteen (plus-minus 5) and ‘others’ 156.

C-Voter survey on India TV gave NDA 289 seats and one hundred and one for UPA and 153 for others.

In the NDA, 249 seats were projected for BJP and forty for its allies. In UPA, seventy eight seats were projected for Cong and twenty three for its allies.

ABP News-Nielson poll projected a transparent majority for NDA with 281 seats whereas UPA was projected to urge ninety seven. ‘Others’ were projected to bag one hundred sixty five seats.

Congress seems to be obtaining some excellent news from the South, notably Kerala, Mysore and Telangana.

Out of twenty seats in Kerala, the Congress-led UDF was projected to urge between eleven and fourteen whereas in Mysore, the Congress is projected to urge nearly half the twenty eight seats.

In Madras, AIADMK is projected to try to to well, with one survey giving it even up to thirty one out thirty-nine seats.

The ruling Trinamool Congress is additionally aforementioned to be doing well in state with projections oral communication that it might get upto thirty one out of forty two seats.

Various polls aforementioned BJP is swing up a powerful performance in battle state of Uttar Pradesh wherever the party has been projected to urge over fifty of the eighty seats.

ORG gave BJP fifty two seats in UP and ten to Congress. Today’s Chanakya gave seventy seats to BJP, whereas CSDS foreseen 45-53 seats for it and C-Voter gave fifty four seats within the biggest state.

In the different crucial state of Bihar too, the BJP is projected to try to to well with one channel giving as high as twenty eight out of forty seats.

In urban center wherever seven states square measure at stake, associate virtually clean sweep was foreseen by all the polls for BJP. Some surveys have given one or 2 seats for Aam Aadmi Party.

Maharashtra, that has forty eight seats, is projected to provide over thirty seats to BJP and knife Sena.

BJP was foreseen to comb party-ruled states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, BJP was projected to provide over thirty five seats to ruling BJP out of forty within the 2 states. Rajasthan was projected to provide most the twenty five seats.

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