Sheila Dikshit’s political secretary sends legal notice to Arvind Kejriwal for using ‘foul’ and ‘filthy’ words

New Delhi: Activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal has been sent a defamation notice for using “foul and filthy language” while making “baseless allegations” against  Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

The notice was sent by the Chief Minister’s political secretary, Pawan Khera, and warns of a criminal and civil lawsuit if Mr Kejriwal does not apologise within two days. That’s not going to happen, said Mr Kejriwal, who earlier this month launched a political party expected to make its debut with the next election in Delhi.

“Yes we are defaming you… till the time you continue with corruption, we will defame you,” Mr Kejriwal said today after receiving the legal notice, which objects to Mr Kejriwal using the word “Dalal” (broker) to describe the chief minister during a talk show.

Mr Kejriwal has led several protests about power prices in Delhi; he says the Delhi government has conspired with power suppliers to over-charge consumers.  The Opposition BJP has echoed those allegations, provoking Mr Kejriwal to accuse the party of appropriating a cause he has championed.

Four days after he launched his political party, Mr Kejriwal restored the power connection in a house whose supply had been cut off  over an unpaid bill of Rs. 15,000.

Earlier this month, the chief minister at a public function countered the charges, without naming Mr Kejriwal. “These elements have been trying to mislead people on the issue of power tariff for their political gain. They get the media coverage very easily and they are trying to capitalise on it for their political future,” Ms Dikshit said.

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