Sharib in Bigg Boss 6?

Jaipur-based music composer and singer Sharib Sabri, who has sung some popular numbers in Bollywood, has now been offered season 6 of the baap of all reality shows “Bigg Boss”.

According to sources, “Sharib recently finished a singing reality show “Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star 2” and the singer took a lot of pangas while on the show. In the wake of his daring attitude, the production house zeroed in on Sharib’s name as one of the contestants for the next season of “Bigg Boss””. The source adds, “The production house decided on Sharib because he is a very honest person and cannot take anything wrong happening around him. He is one of those people whose real and reel persona are the same.” The source however denies if there were any talks of having both the brothers – Toshi and Sharib – in the house. “The production house isn’t planning anything like that. Only Sharib has been approached,” says the source.

When we contacted Sharib, he confirmed the news saying, “Yes, I got a call from the production house and they offered me season 6 of “Bigg Boss””. So, is he taking up the offer? “I don’t know yet, I am still contemplating,” Sharib says, adding, “I will discuss it with Toshi bhai because we have a lot of projects in the pipeline, so it will need some serious planning if I decide to participate.” But is he OK with the concept of being locked in a house for months. “I can’t sit at a place for more than two hours, leave alone staying in a house for so many weeks, but like I said, I am still contemplating,” says he.

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