Science Of Spiritual Practice

When the movement of the human mind is not in many lateral directions but towards the Supreme Entity, then the mind becomes apexed, pinnacled. This pointed mind either merges in the macrocosm, or gives up its individual existence in the Supreme cognitive faculty. In earlier days yogis and bio-psychologists preferred cold climates as they were engaged in all kinds of para-psychological research. Even now yogis turn to the Himalayas for this purpose.

Ananda Marga sadhana is a bio-psychological practice. If, in a particular life, you perform sadhana but do not attain salvation, you will have to come back. On your return, your past life may not be remembered – it depends on the pituitary gland. Then, in the latter part of your present life, say at the age of forty or later, if your mind reaches the pineal gland, you will attain salvation. Preferably, you should start bio-psycho-spiritual practice as early as possible, after the age of five. If that is not possible, definitely start sadhana  by the age of thirteen after the sense of responsibility and duty arises in the mind.

The pituitary plexus is important in spiritual progress, especially the left side,from the viewpoint of the sadhaka. If the left side of this plexus is developed and the right side is not, after death one is reborn with a human body and continues practising sadhana. When a spiritual aspirant strikes the pineal gland, salvation is achieved. If both sides of the pituitary plexus are fully developed, one becomes self-knowing, if not all-knowing. (In Latin “all-knowing” is “omniscient”, and in Sanskrit it is trikáladarshii-sarvajiṋa).

The pituitary gland is called Shiva’s third eye, but it is actually His omniscience through which He sees the three ages – past, present and future. If one is unable to attain salvation in a particular life, one gets a human body in the next life and is guided by parapsychology. In the next life one remembers, up to the age of thirteen or fourteen, everything concerned with the past life, but as soon as the testes glands (or ovaries) start to function, one generally forgets the past. This is because as soon as the sex glands start functioning, one develops a special attraction for this earth.

If you do not forget the past, you die early, because you are unable to adjust past life with the present. Those who have attained salvation may or may not remember their past lives according to their own sweet will. This comes within the scope of parapsychology. So if one does not attain salvation in a particular life, in the next life, after the testes glands (or ovaries) start to function, one will have to become a spiritual aspirant.

The reason why these people are reborn is to undergo the reactive momenta of their past lives. Some of their reactive momenta remain unquenched. They are reborn just to undergo the pleasure and pain resulting from their previous reactive momenta.

In this life, a man; in the next life a woman; in this life a boy, in the next life a girl. In the life after that one may become self-knowing, if not all-knowing. To make the mind pinnacled, one should do dhyana of guru in the guru chakra. The guru chakra is slightly below the pineal gland, though the sahasrara and guru chakras are virtually the same. Concentrated on the guru chakra, focus all potentialities of the unconscious mind here. The moment you achieve full concentration, you become omniscient.

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