Salman Khan to play superhero in Sher Khan?

Bollywood will soon have a brand new superhero. Rumour has it, that Salman Khan is going to play on in the Sohail Khan directed movie Sher Khan. And since it’s Salman, it won’t be your commo or garden superhero. The difference – this caped (or otherwise) crusader will be a Pathan superhero.

Not so long ago, during the music release of his movie Ready, Salman had said he’s not interested in playing superheroes: “I don’t want to wear red underwear, I just want to be Sal-man.”

Looks like the actor will have to eat his words now.

But playing a superhero is a very tricky business. Like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman too has an image that he will first have to de-construct to get into a super suit.

Will Salman be willing to take that risk for what is essentially children’s film genre and hasn’t proved, so far, to be a money spinner? Or will he succeed where SRK has failed?

And will that be yet another episode in the Salman-SRK enmity? We’ll have to wait and watch.

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