‘No One Can Say India’s Doesn’t Care About Environment,’ Says PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India should take the lead in guiding the world on fighting climate change. He was speaking in Delhi after launching an air quality index to monitor pollution in 10 cities.

  1. The world thinks India is not bothered about environment. No one can question India’s sensitivity towards protecting the environment.India has to take the lead in guiding the world on ways to combat climate change.
  2. People who lecture us on environment and use of cleaner don’t give us nuclear fuel. These are double standards.
  3. English-speaking people will laugh at my examples, but there can be green solutions in our age-old traditions.
  4. India has a long tradition of recycling, reuse.
  5. Some people feel environment and development are on opposite sides, that is wrong. Both can co-exist. There should be some do’s and don’ts.
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