Movie review: Mr. 7

Telugu movie Mr 7, directed by Charan Reddy and starring SV Ranga Rao or SVR in the lead, released today.

Lakshman, played by SVR, and Anji, played by Srinivas Reddy, are small time burglars and car thieves. But when Lakshman falls in love with Nakshatra, played by debutante Neelam, he decides to give up his life of crime and start afresh. Lakshman plans to steal an expensive car as his last heist.

But his friend Naik, played by Satyam, has other plans and steals Rs 18 lakhs in a bank robbery. As the police give chase, the stolen cash is hidden in a Mercedes that in turn is stolen Lakshman.

The ensuing confusion, with the cops chasing Naik and Naik chasing Lakshman, is what the movie is all about.

SVR fails to impress fans as Lakshman in the movie. None of his action scenes nor the dances impress and he is hardly hero material.

Neelam is better but needs to improve her body language. The rest of the cast, mostly seasoned artistes, deliver adequate performances.

The film has gaping plot holes, an unraveling screenplay and dialogues that lack punch. The camerawork is shoddy, as is the editing.

The director is too obviously inexperienced. Barring a few comic scenes, there’s really no reason to go and watch Mr. 7.

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