Monsoon must-haves

It may not have rained as expected this season, yet it’s no reason to be not prepared when it pours. Here’s what all you must never leave home without in the monsoon time…

Uber-cool umbrella: Goes without saying. An umbrella is the first thing you should invest in when the monsoon begins. Treat it not as a necessity but as a fashionable accessory. Go for the jazzy or the ones with a floral design that suit your personality. Extremely affordable, these umbrellas can be changed to match every dress you wear.

Chappals: Now there’s nothing doing without a pair of chappals. They go well with jeans, kurtis, salwar suits and what have you. With these, even when you have to wade your way out of the water, you can do that without dirtying your favourite pair of shoes. And, if you wish, you can wear chappals with some heel so as to elevate you a little while you walk on roads full of water and you can save your denims from getting wet. With the markets full of chappals in all different colours and styles, you can wear different ones every single day.

Capri: A comfortable pair of capri is a must for the monsoon season. If you wear shorts, then it is even better. The level of water which rises on the streets of the city is unpredictable. So if you don’t want to dirty your lowers then the best option is to not have a chance where you can!
Mosquito repellent: The monsoon doesn’t just come with rain. It also brings along with it the most detested creatures, the blood sucking mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are the reason why people die of diseases like malaria and dengue. In order to save yourself from these creatures, you should carry a mosquito repellent spray with yourself all the time so that you can travel without any fear. It becomes all the more essential when you wear shorts.
Waterproof bag: There are a lot of waterproof bags available in the market. If you are coming back from your office, college, school or any other place, you sure would not want to lose all your precious documents or books. So a waterproof bag is a must have in this wet season.

A thin/foldable raincoat: No matter how heavily it rains, men would not want to be sported with an umbrella. They find these feminine. Men! But then, that’s a personal choice. So, if you too find umbrellas a girly thing, you can invest in a thin raincoat which can be easily stuffed into a bag. There are different shades in which they can be bought. So, you look cool and are safe from the rains too.

Floaters: A decent pair of floaters are a must in this season for the men. Since you don’t want to ruin those expensive shoes, it is better you invest in one of these. This way you can keep walking without worrying about your footwear. In case you can’t wear these to office, you can just wear them while travelling and once you reach office, you can change into a pair of office shoes.

Waterproof watch: Who says you can’t sport any accessory if it is raining outside? As it is, men have very limited choices when it comes to accessories. Hence, a watch is a must wear thing. But if you wear a watch, then make sure it is waterproof. Waterproof bag: It’s not just women who need these. A man also needs to keep his papers, laptop and mobile safe and dry. Therefore, this is a must for not just girls but guys also.

Mosquito repellent: No matter how strong you are, you can’t save yourself from those tiny mosquitoes and other insects which breed during the monsoons. Having such a spray in your waterproof bag, which helps save you from all those deadly diseases which the mosquitoes bring with them, becomes important.

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