Mischa Barton wants to produce a clothing line for dogs

Mischa Barton has opened her fashion boutique in Spitalfields, east London, earlier this week, and she now wants to create garments for canines to ensure her own three pooches – Charles Dickens, Ziggy Stardust and Harvey – look as stylish as she does while out and about.

She told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: “I definitely want to do dogwear in the future. Dogwear is really coming into its own and my dogs are so important to me – you want them to look good.”

Mishca Barton’s new planned venture comes after she recently insisted she has “given up” on men after a string of failed relationships and she would prefer to put all her “love, care and attention” into her three beloved pooches.

The blonde beauty – who has been linked with socialite Brandon Davis and British rocker Luke Pritchard – said: “I’ve given up men. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there for me. My last three boyfriends haven’t worked out, so I’m giving guys a rest for a while. I’m putting all my love, care and attention into my three dogs. Don’t ask why, but they are a good replacement for men in terms of affection.”

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