In Haryana, Dalit woman gang-raped at gunpoint, then filmed

Jind, Haryana: In north Haryana, a Dalit woman has been gang-raped in her home at gunpoint. The attack in the Jind district was also filmed on a phone camera and the MMS was circulated in her village.

The police said that two of the three alleged rapists have been arrested.

Nearly 60 kilometres away, in the village of Dabra, Dalits have been demanding  justice for a teen girl who was gang-raped by 12 men (8 of them from the upper castes), with  an MMS publicising the grotesquerie.  he teen’s father killed himself after he found out about the assault on her.

Five of the alleged rapists have been arrested today. In the past one week only two had been arrested prompting media coverage and criticism of the local Congress government’s inaction and its predilection  for ignoring the rabid persecution of  Dalit families by upper caste Jats.

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