Exclusive: Glenn McGrath, Dennis Lillee praise Sachin Tendulkar

New Delhi: Former Australian pacers Glenn McGrath and Dennis Lillee both agree that Sachin Tendulkar and no one else, is the best judge of when he should retire.

In an interview, McGrath said that he continues to believe that Sachin is a ‘wonderful batsman’ and that he is continuing to play well. “Irrespective of how Sachin plays, all is fine as long as he is motivated. He might wake up one day and say that’s that or he may wake up and say let’s get 20,000runs. He will know when to go,” he said.

Lillee too fondly remembers Sachin’s younger days. “There was this new kid and we thought it was time for us to relax, set out plans and take it easy. First ball – smack. Second ball over the bowlers head and we were like who is this guy,” he said adding that Viv Richars though was the toughest to bowl to for him.

Sachin’s form has taken a downward dip in the recent past and Sunil Gavaskar observed during the course of the 2nd Test against New Zealand in Bangalore, that reflexes were on the slide. (read report here)

McGrath, who took over as Director of Coaching at the MRF Pace Foundation, believes that the final call for a player of Sachin’s level, lies with the player himself.

Both McGrath and Lillee also praised Zaheer Khan and described him as a focussed bowler.

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