Akshay Kumar leaps from 45 feet without any safety equipment

Akshay Kumar, who is known for performing his own stunt sequences, recently actor decided to jump from a height of about 45 feet for Khiladi 786 – his new co-production venture with Himesh Reshammiya.

Although a cable and harness were organised for the scene, Akshay Kumar decided to let go the safety measures with only mattresses and cardboard boxes to cushion his fall on the ground. An eye-witness from the unit said, “The shot was picturised on Tuesday evening at Madh Island. The production unit and stunt director Jai Singh insisted that Akshay use a cable wire but he refused. The entire unit got together to watch Akshay’s stunt scene and were amazed at his decision to do it without any duplicate or safety measures.”

The source added, “The scene had Akshay jump from the balcony of a bungalow to come face-to-face with co-star Asin. While the entire unit clapped on the one-take shot, the actress was stunned by the Khiladi’s act and could not stop complimenting Akshay on the shot.”

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