3 Kanya director Agnidev Chatterjee denies references to Park Street rape

The film is said to bear a resemblance to the real-life Park Street rape case, in which an Anglo-Indian woman was raped in a moving car

Film 3 Kanya director Agnidev Chatterjee has denied that his film is inspired by last year’s infamous Park Street gang rape, saying it does not refer to any specific incident.

“I will rather describe the film as a thriller which has many issues confronting a woman and not necessarily one which confines itself to one single subject,” Chatterjee, who is also the film’s producer, said.

Starring Rituparna Sengupta and Ananya Chatterjee with a guest appearance by West Bengal education minister and thespian Bratya Basu, the film is the story of how a woman raped by three men finds justice only after her case is highlighted by a news channel.

Actress Rituparna said, “There are indeed shades of a real life incidents. But rather than referring to any specific event, I should say the film draws on facts which may take place in any woman’s life. This shows the dichotomy between our ‘parampara’, our tradition and our present day social behaviour. There lies a mismatch perhaps.”

Asked About lesbianism playing a prominent part in the movie, Rituparna said, “Two characters of the film, one essayed by me and the other enacted by Unnati Davara (winner of Miss India East title 2010), develop a deep, intense relationship at the sub-conscious level of their minds.”

Talking about her co-star national award winner Ananya Chatterjee, who played the role of a victimised woman in the movie, Rituparna said, “Ananya is brilliant as usual.”

National-level cricketer Ranadeb Bose has a debut role in the film as the former lover of Rituparna’s character.

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