10 ways to SPICE UP Bigg Boss 7!


Bigg Boss is no place for the politically correct.

Right from its tricky format, star host and celebrity participants, there’s nothing controversy-free about this popular reality show now in its seventh season.

But even the most judgemental will agree, there’s some guilty pleasure in watching a bunch of incompatible folk forced to coexist under the same roof for multiple weeks and perform bizarre tasks that test their tolerance level to the hilt with 74 cameras following every single move.

That explains the soaring TRPs and heated discussions among viewers over their favourite housemates in this this wild celebration of voyeurism and infamy.

We asked you, insightful readers, to suggest ways to liven up the show anchored by Bollywood actor Salman Khan. And we are rather pleased by your enthusiastic response.

Here’s a list of all the masala you recommend along with some of our own spicy inputs.

They may have started off on the wrong foot but over the weeks Kamya Punjabi, Pratyusha Banerjee and Gauahar Khan have become thick as thieves. Only everyone is here to win at the end of the day.

It’s time BB tested their loyalty by introducing complications in their so-called sisterhood.

Here’s the thing, these strong-headed gals cannot stand the slightest of criticism.

How about a task which compels them to point out each other’s negative traits and then watch the claws come out?

Tanishaa Mukherji hasn’t emerged too popular with the viewers. But she sure enjoys a lot of clout inside the house.

How about ruffling a few feathers inside by revealing her passive-aggressive political side, her softly mumbled snide remarks, her obvious superiority complex, her desperate damage control efforts following ‘good friend’ Armaan Kohli’s verbal venom in a specially compiled clip aired inside BB house?

The show’s creators have done such mischief before.

It would certainly not hurt to do so now. Not us ruthless viewers anyway.

Ever since television actor Kushal Tandon was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house, there’s been relentless talk about his return.

While the man’s busy giving statements and denials about his fight with Tanishaa, assaulting VJ Andy, romantic equation with Gauahar and apology from Salman Khan (which has certainly not gone down well with the unforgiving superstar) to the media, viewers think bringing the brat back will liven the show and Gauhar’s gloomy face.

An equal percentage of people think he’s bad news and is best left out of the show.

Another suggestion that amused us greatly was another round of lie detection test, like the one Bigg Boss conducted on wrestler Sangram Singh, on all the housemates.

It would be fun to see what’s the actual game plan going on in Armaan Kohli’s mind, Andy’s true feelings about his ‘buddies,’ and frank admissions of upfront gals like Kamya and Sofiya Hayat.

Nobody quite enjoyed that tame lassi gulping competition between the overgrown boys of the house — Ajaz Khan and Armaan Kohli.

Some of our excited readers insist a one-on-one duel between the two to decide doodh ka doodhand paani ka paani once and for all.

Guess Sangram can play referee?

Dolly Bindra’s hollering assaults, Skywalker’s obnoxious insults, Imam Siddique’s full-fledged nautanki, Rakhi Sawant’s unabashed drama queen, Vindoo Singh’s blaring hysterics even as Pooja Misra spares no one are stuff nightmarish memories are made of.

Truly, some of Bigg Boss’s former season housemates are no less than weapons of mass destruction.

Can you imagine the pandemonium that will result if they are unleashed onto the current players?

More so, if the task, before these miscreants make their entry, entails current housemates to run them down and then face the music on their unexpected visit.

Bring on the fireworks!

Neutral for most part, Elli Avram doesn’t seem much of schemer.

At the same time, she relies too much on what people around her say or settle on to tell right from wrong.

They should send the Mickey Virus starlet into the secret caravan where she can discreetly observe the housemates the way they really are and take her own call on who’s playing fair, who’s getting dirty and then prove everyone why she’s more than a ‘face’.

What say, Salman?

Source: Rediff.com

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