About Us


If you are reading this, you are either the curious type or happen to be lost. In either case, please stay and let’s get to know each other a little better.

Zakhas.com has now grown into a network of news focused sites offering a wide range of content and new media. Our Network builds communities, uniting innovators and their partners through online media, events, and research. Our intention of bringing the latest news and happenings from the field of online news. We are an independent online news agency that we started way back in 2004. And by ‘independent’, we really mean it – we are not a big corporation and we don’t have any VC funding. We are a small business started by a bunch of friends and we’ve funded this whole thing from the ground up with our savings. (P.S. In case you are an investor looking to pump millions into Redwolf so that we can buy a nice beach-front villa, erm, we mean, a new office to engage our employees and maximize productivity – call us, maybe? Property prices in Bangalore are crazy!)


By funny, you mean f**king epic, of course.

But in all seriousness, we like wolves. We like the mythology behind them, that they run in packs. There’s a sense of brotherhood and community and they all look out for each other. Gives us the warm fuzzies.


The Internet can be a big, scary place filled with faceless companies and Nigerian royalty who just need your help in getting some funds out of the country. We are a small team of real-life humans (with big ideas!) and we will go out of our way to help you pick out your new favourite GAME.

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